red carpet experience

two hours' coverage | social media package | $300

Give your guests the full red-carpet treatment with this package. With two hours of coverage your guests will have a paparazzi-style welcome on the red carpet as they arrive, greet each other and mingle, then we'll take either some individual table shots or cocktail group shots depending on the type of your event. In true paparazzi style, at your discretion we'll either match your dress code or wear traditional, old-school photographer's vests, complete with bright, glaring, branded camera straps.

The red carpet experience includes having the night's shots uploaded to Facebook (in FB-native resolution) and made public so that your guests can tag themselves and each other. Prints will be made available for independent purchase online.

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presentation pack

4 hours' coverage | social media package | $500

A more formal package designed for a more formal occasion: the presentation pack is designed for events with formal proceedings such as speeches, presentations and awards. The four hours of included coverage will capture your guests' arrivals, meet/greet/mingle shots, seated table groupings and, of course, your speeches and presentations for the event.

The presentation pack includes uploading the event's shots to Facebook and allowing your guests to tag themselves and others.

The pack also includes three 8x10" or 8x12" prints of your presentation, award ceremony or speeches, with further prints available for separate purchase.

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additional hours


Chosen a package but it doesn't give quite the coverage you're looking for? Simply extend it as long as you wish on an hourly basis.

coverage by the hour

$100 + $100/hour

You're more than welcome to simply book coverage by the hour. Images are still made available either via Facebook or directly to you (either way in FB-native resolution). Prints may be purchased separately, and print-quality images can be negotiated for a one-off fee.

Hourly coverage is simple: $100 for setup/teardown and $100 per hour after that. For example, a one-hour event fee would be $200, and an eight-hour event fee would be $900.

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