They've been hard-working and diligent, have completed their assignments and passed their exams. This one moment has been their focus for the past few years, and they'll want to look back at it in the years to come and remember all the late nights, stress, and caffeine headaches through the rosy glow of ultimate success.

The confident walk onto the stage; the doff of the trencher or bonnet to your dignitaries; the hand-shake; the presentation; the triumphant smile... Your students will want to remember those moments long after the memories of trials and tribulations have faded.

All of our graduation packages include our social media package. At your discretion, we'll upload post-processed images to Facebook and let your students tag themselves and each other. Prints will be made available for purchase online in various sizes and media including gloss, metallic paper and canvas.

On the technical front, we'll work closely with your event coordinators to help your event run smoothly, and don't worry - we understand the importance of a run-sheet!

Which graduation package suits you?