newborn to toddler plus tutorial package

three separate shoots | baby photography tutorial for family | social media package | two 8x10" or 8x12" prints from each shoot | $800

The newborn to toddler plus tutorial  package is designed to allow you as parents to have professionally-captured images of your child at each of birth to six weeks, six months and twelve months, plus help you to capture your own images in between. This package includes three separate shoots, a tutorial, two prints from each shoot and a social media package of all post-processed images from each shoot uploaded to Facebook for you.

newborn shoot

The first few days and weeks with your new baby fly past in a mix of bliss interspersed with moments of sheer panic, all viewed through the blurry lens of sleep deprivation. Your first shoot as part of this package will be when your newborn can do little more than be held and cuddled by you. They'll never be this tiny again, and we'll aim to capture both the peace of a newborn sleeping and illustrate their tiny features next to your own.

six month shoot

At six months your baby should be smiling, laughing, rolling over and responding to your voices. S/he will most likely be able to sit unaided and reach for toys. This is the stage at which you're likely to have the most rest for a while - they'll be crawling soon! At this point, our portrait images will focus on your little one's features and expressions as they respond to your playing with them.

twelve month shoot

At twelve months your baby will probably be standing, furniture-surfing and possibly even walking! More importantly, your baby will be laughing, playing and interacting with you - inventing games of his or her own, making up noises and finding hilarity in funny-sounding words.

In this shoot, we want to capture the joy of playing with your little one - no longer a newborn but the smallest member of a young, happy family.

baby photography tutorial

Whether you have an expensive DSLR, a pocket-sized instant camera or even an iPhone, there are some simple tips and tricks you can use to improve your own photos of your baby. We'll teach you how to set up your camera with a minimum of fuss, how to reduce background clutter without actually moving toys, and how to quickly and easily use household objects to modify lighting to give your images of your little one that special glow. (Hint: a cloth nappy works wonders as a light reflector.)

We want to give you not only the most beautiful photographs we can possibly create but also the ability to take some of your own.

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on-location | social media package | two 8x10" or 8x12" prints | $300

We know what it's like to have a newborn around the house. The last thing you want to do is have to pack up all your baby-care kit, nappy bags, toys, blankets, swaddling cloths and of course your beautiful baby as well, then drive to an unfamiliar location, find parking, unload a stroller or bassinet and then, finally, hope that the little one is alternately awake and happy and sleepy and peaceful at just the right times. How hard could that  possibly be?

Instead, we'll turn up at a time that suits you and your child, quietly get set up while s/he is sleeping and be ready to go once nap time is over.

Our newborn portrait  package covers a two-hour section of either your morning or afternoon. Newborns aren't at all predictable so we'll be patient and wait until the little one is available for an opportunistic shot or two. Sleeping newborns make for beautiful photographs so we'll make sure the scene is set for those before we start. We'll aim to photograph you and your family members with the little one, and if you're comfortable with images of your newborn breast-feeding then we'll discuss with you in advance how best to approach those, too.

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