dawn to dusk

8 hours' coverage | engagement shoot | album | social media | $3300

It's barely dawn, yet the bride and her bridesmaids are already making their preparations. We'll be there to quietly capture the tiny details that you've spent so much time planning, from a tiny lock of hair to makeup, shoes and - of course - the dress. The groom and his groomsmen have a more relaxing time in the morning. Shoes, shirts, jackets and ties on, they now have just one paramount task: be on time and remember the rings!

The groom waits nervously at the altar, confident that the love of his life will appear soon but just a tiny bit nervous, just because he's human. His groomsmen stand by him, offering support and encouragement whilst pretending to do neither. Whether it's that little nervous smile you both know so well or that confident, relaxed stance that drew you together in the first place, you'll have those moments preserved forever in your shared history.

With ten hours of coverage, we'll be there from dawn (or whenever you need us) until dusk, covering your day from the very first event until just after your arrival at your reception.

This package also includes a complimentary engagement shoot, your wedding album  (with additional options at your discretion) and our social media  package.

Ask us now about booking your dawn to dusk  package.

one perfect day

entire event coverage | engagement shoot | album | social media | $5300

Your planning and attention to detail will make this of all days as close to perfect as possible. Our  planning and attention to detail will capture the essence of your perfect day and preserve it for all time.

The one perfect day  package includes everything from the dawn to dusk  package, but we're yours for the duration. From first light (if you wish) until you depart your reception, we'll be there with you.

You'll have speeches from friends and family, congratulations from those present and messages from afar. The cutting of the cake; the tossing of the bouquet; your first dance... all of these moments will be yours to return to throughout your lives together.

Book your one perfect day  package now, or ask us for more information.

engagement shoot

Your wedding day is all about you. The better we know you, the more our images will reflect who you are.

It's important for there to be an understanding between everyone involved about the sort of day that's been planned, what to expect and the nature of the images desired. This is your opportunity to start to become comfortable with us, especially in front of the camera, and also our chance to get to know you better.

Each wedding booking includes a complimentary two-hour engagement shoot with your choice of one 8x10" or 8x12" print, along with digital copies (Facebook-native resolution) of all images after processing.

wedding album

Your wedding album starts as a blank canvas with 40 included sides to fill and more available if desired, and is covered with your choice of a beautiful linen, faux-leather or photographic cover.

One album is included in your wedding package, and additional prints (either in the same format or varied as per your choice) are available for families of the bride and groom.

social media

All of our packages include uploads to Facebook, TwitPic or any other social medium of your choice. After post-processing, we can upload the images directly to Facebook for you.

Images will be rescaled to Facebook-native resolution for the best possible display and you'll also receive a direct download link to all of those same image files in one single bundle so that you can upload them to other social media sites as you wish. Of course, if you don't want your images published you'll still receive the same download bundle.